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We sell Solo Kites, Stackable Kites and a full range of Accessories & Spares

Solo Kites

The ‘Classic’ Peter Powell solo Stunter kite – the world’s first and best-known steerable kite – with a solid coloured sail. The latest version is the Mk III, upgraded, with Ripstop sails and lightweight fibreglass spars.

Stackable Kites

The world’s first and foremost, dual-line, steerable Stunter kites can be flown as solo kites, or multiple stacks of kites. For this a “Lead Kite” must be used, which has a different bridle from the standard solo kite.

The most popular multi stack of kites is a “Triple-set”, consisting of a “Lead Kite”’ and two “Add-on Kites” and extra-strong flying-lines. This can be purchased as a complete set or built up by buying a “Lead Kite” and adding “Add-on Kites” separately.

Accessories & Spares

Accessories, Extras and Spare Parts for your Kites.

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