Peter Powell Kites

The World’s No.1 Stunt Kite – since 1976


The world’s first and foremost, dual-line, steerable Stunter kite. A single-line kite can just be launched into the sky, but the user has no control over it. A Stunter kite can be controlled by the flyer. Kites can be launched and landed by a solo-flyer, without assistance.

The latest version is the Mk III, upgraded, with Ripstop sails and fibreglass spars. A brilliant introduction to the world of stunt kite flying, suitable for all ages from 8 to 108.

Why Peter Powell Kites?

Peter Powell kites are easier to fly than many cheaper Stunter kites. Smaller diamond kites and many other stunt kites are much more difficult to control, especially for less experienced flyers.

Even beginners, from 8 to 108 years old, can learn to perform simple stunts, like loops and figures of eight, with a Peter Powell Stunter Kite, but the kites are capable of being used to perform more advanced stunts by experienced flyers.

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April 2021:

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